The Team

Photography and label design

I cannot thank Andy enough for his patience for the amount of times he had to alter my labels to get them to the print stage. He has also done my product photography and he is a superb videographer as well as a qualified Google virtual tour photographer. If you want a Google 360 tour then he is your man and it could do wonders for your business! Check out his website:

Website and general design

If you need a website, check out Araneae Web Design. They can also help with on-brand designs for leaflets, posters, business cards and any other promotional items you can think of.

Promotional items

Check out Direct Embroidery; they have done the embroidery on my aprons and there are also plans afoot for Tipple Tree mugs.

Vicky Rose makes a great range of keyrings and bag charms; check out her amazing website.